Andrew Jackson

Let Old Hickory take you to dinner in Charlotte:


Andrew Jackson was a rough and tumble man who enjoyed food that was just as wild as he was. Between dueling for his wife’s honor and paying off U.S. debt, Jackson dined on duck and chugged glasses of his own hangover-guaranteed drink: Daniel Webster’s punch. While no sane person would ever want to experience Daniel Webster’s punch, all our readers should treat their taste buds to Jackson’s favorite fowl at Customshop, in Elizabeth. The restaurant has two succulent duck entrees, in addition to many other affordable dishes like the ale & cider-braised pork belly starter, the seared yellow fin tuna entrée, and the chocolate brownie soufflé. With an elegantly rustic ambience, an evening at Customshop is a necessity for those with mature food tastes and a willingness to drop a few Jacksons.

NoDa Brewing Company

Jackson was more than a man’s man.  He was a man’s man’s man.  But not in a gay way.  In fact, don’t suggest that to Jackson unless you want a duel on your hands.  Jackson built himself up as a speaker for the little guy (unless the little guy was Native American), and, like all the hard-working little guys – especially the ones from Tennessee such as himself – he drank whiskey and beer.  And today, being the everyman he is, he drinks microbrews from breweries yet to gain popularity.  Although, once Jackson drinks at a brewery, people sure flock to it.  That’s right: Jackson was the original hipster.

That’s probably why the NoDa Brewing Company has gained such a loyal following.  That, and the fact that they have highly-acclaimed beers for every season.  They claim to put an American flair on classic foreign beers, making them their own.  Jackson’s a huge fan of this manifest destiny style of brewing.  As an added bonus, Birdsong Brewing, another local craft brewery, is right across the street.  Sure Andrew Jackson might have had a slight drinking problem, but you have a real drinking problem on your hands if you’ve never had a beer from NoDa.  Both of these breweries have fun bars inside to hang out at on evenings.

Divine Pies
Andrew Jackson was a fierce, rugged man.  He killed Charles Dickinson, an expert marksman, in a duel.  He has a bullet lodged in his arm, and another next to his heart.  He fought in numerous battles.

But he still loves his momma’s apple pies.
So, if both fighting and apple pie is American, Andrew Jackson is as American as they come.  Indeed, when Jackson he was past his battle days, he served fried apple pies at almost every White House event he hosted.
And while the pies at Divine Pies aren’t quite as artery-clogging as the fried versions Jackson preferred (with the bullet, his heart had a lot of problems to deal with), they are some of the best pies many in Charlotte have ever had.  The pies at Divine Pies are made from scratch, homemade, and cheap enough to appeal to even the most extreme Populist in Jackson.  The shop doesn’t look like much from the outside, situated next to a handful of run-down pawn shops.  But on the inside, it’s filled to the brim with pies and a big grin from piemaster Agnes Mbiya.  It’s truly a diamond in the rough – just like Old Hickory.

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