So, you’re in Charlotte for the DNC?  Well, grab a history book, your fork, a taste for Democracy, and that one friend who kind of looks like LBJ, because it’s time to dine like your favorite Democrats did!

You have two choices: You could grab a steak made with locally-raised beef with LBJ and some authentically greasy diner food with FDR, or you could sell out and go to TGIF Fridays with your mom.

Are you more of an FDR or a JFK when it comes to eating habits?  Well, go ahead and find out right here, and, if – god forbid – you find yourself more of an Andrew Jackson, we’ve got you covered, too.

Are you hoping to be a donkey on the prowl at the DNC?  Looking for a hot Democrat to take out in the Queen City?
Well, every restaurant and bar on this site is locally-owned, so you’ll seem like you know what you’re doing.  Some are already pretty famous.  For others, we’ve managed to find the most Democratic holes in the wall possible.

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