Get your drink on, Donkey-style, and vicariously barhop your way around the Queen City at night.

Blue Restaurant and Bar

FDR may not have single-handedly repealed Prohibition, but he was definitely a force behind the legalization.  And we’re pretty sure it was all part of his quest to find the perfect dry martini, which he was always hunting for.  The Blue Restaurant and Bar has been known to take their martinis seriously, and their martini menu reads like the New Deal legislation, but with more drunk. (Well, maybe about the same amount.)
Blue also has regular live jazz nights, and while jazz might not be FDR’s very favorite music, it was definitely an important part of the era and he was known to enjoy it from time to time.  Its food is a bit classier than Roosevelt is used to, but he regularly visits it for a drink!
And if you want to grab some food with your drink, Blue’s chef is rather famous, and they are world-renown for their Mediterranean food.
Plus, it can’t hurt that blue is FDR’s favorite color.

Whiskey Warehouse
LBJ loved his scotch.  And while his favorite place to drink it was in his amphibious car, driving around his Texas ranch (and scaring the whiskey out of his friends by driving straight into the lake), the Whiskey Warehouse would be his ideal Charlotte bar.

LBJ famously said, “Never trust a man whose eyes are too close to his nose.”  Well, the Whiskey Warehouse has a large enough selection of whiskey to make you cross-eyed any way you please.  Their scotch list, alone, is longer than his list of passed civil rights legislation, and questionably as liberating.  With LBJ era-appropriate Rat Pack paraphernalia and a relaxing upstairs patio, the Whiskey Warehouse’s ambience and unique flair has made it LBJ’s favorite local hangout.
“As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against ‘em anyway, you don’t belong in office.” – Molly Ivins

NoDa Brewing Company

Jackson was more than a man’s man.  He was a man’s man’s man.  But not in a gay way.  In fact, don’t suggest that to Jackson unless you want a duel on your hands.  Jackson built himself up as a speaker for the little guy (unless the little guy was Native American), and, like all the hard-working little guys – especially the ones from Tennessee such as himself – he drank whiskey and beer.  And today, being the everyman he is, he drinks microbrews from breweries yet to gain popularity.  Although, once Jackson drinks at a brewery, people sure flock to it.  That’s right: Jackson was the original hipster.

That’s probably why the NoDa Brewing Company has gained such a loyal following.  That, and the fact that they have highly-acclaimed beers for every season.  They claim to put an American flair on classic foreign beers, making them their own.  Jackson’s a huge fan of this manifest destiny style of brewing.  As an added bonus, Birdsong Brewing, another local craft brewery, is right across the street.  Sure Andrew Jackson might have had a slight drinking problem, but you have a real drinking problem on your hands if you’ve never had a beer from NoDa.  Both of these breweries have fun bars inside to hang out at on evenings


What does some ice, a couple ounces of white rum, a squeeze of fresh lime, and a squirt of simple syrup get you? JFK’s cocktail of choice, and his favorite pre-dinner drink.  Many these days would argue that the daiquiri has garnered a rather feminine reputation, but JFK has garnered more the reputation of a womanizer than a woman.  Indeed, our youngest president loved to entertain, and was known for his rebellious, almost frat-boyish habits during his younger days.  (In high school, he once exploded a toilet seat with a firecracker, and he later started The Muckers Club, an organization we can only hope was similar to The Marauders  from Harry Potter.)  And, being a huge fan of the 007 series, Kennedy is often found taking blonde bombshells out on the town at 5Church.

With décor as bold and defined as JFK’s jawline and sharing in his desire to be “New American,” 5Church has become JFK’s favorite for after-dinner drinks.  The establishment featuring a unique cocktail list and full bar (where JFK could surely get his favored daiquiri), as well as a full menu of bubbly drinks for his female companions.
Their food has also garnered rave reviews (although it’s a bit more expensive than the drinks), and their menu satisfies JFK’s New England homesickness with sautéed Maine skate and seared sea scallops.  As diverse as the nation Kennedy was striving to create, 5Church sometime seems an upscale restaurant, sometimes a foodie bar, and sometimes an electrifying club.  Who can blame JFk for becoming a regular?

The Dandelion Market

Famously the first and only Catholic U.S. President, JFK was incredibly proud of his Irish heritage and pretty damn passionate about beer.  After all, what’s more Irish than drinking?  And car bomb cupcakes, why not?  The Dandelion Market offers plenty of both, and takes its name from a famous outdoor market in Dublin.  Keeping in the spirit of its namesake, it’s become one of the favorite pubs in Charlotte for those who want a gastro pub without the pretentiousness of a gastro pub.  With a down-home, cozy feel and impressive local and foreign beer menu, The Dandelion Market is perfect for those nights JFK needs a break from taking out Marilyn Monroe or Jackie.  And, if one of them do happen to follow him there, The Dandelion Market also has a few one-of-a-kind cocktails and an en extensive wine list.

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