For those of you who want a night-time treat, but are stuck in the days of Prohibition.

Elizabeth Creamery Ice Cream
Wilson didn’t eat much, and his loved ones were constantly worried about him because of it.  But, no matter how much you eat, you’ve gotta love ice cream, right?  That was certainly the case for Wilson.  Strawberry ice cream was his dessert of choice, and almost always present on the White House menu.

And since he was president during the Prohibition era, one can only suspect that he drowned his sorrows with tubs of the stuff every night after his break-up with the U.S. over the League of Nations.             
And he can drown all the sorrows he wants to at Elizabeth Creamery, a homemade ice cream shop in the heart of Charlotte that features Guiness-flavored ice cream among their many eclectic flavors.  I’m sorry, you say Elizabeth Creamery has BEER-FLAVORED ICE CREAM?!  That’s right – and from all reports, it’s delicious.  Hand it to a NASCAR powerhouse like Charlotte to figure out even better ways to sneak alcohol by the Feds.  And while this local gem offers such outlandish options as ginger-flavored and black walnut-flavored ice cream, they also do Wilson’s favorite excellently. So, come and drink – err, eat – your sorrows away, just like Wilson does every night, because this is ice cream worth gorging yourself on.

Divine Pies
Andrew Jackson was a fierce, rugged man.  He killed Charles Dickinson, an expert marksman, in a duel.  He has a bullet lodged in his arm, and another next to his heart.  He fought in numerous battles.

But he still loves his momma’s apple pies.
So, if both fighting and apple pie is American, Andrew Jackson is as American as they come.  Indeed, when Jackson he was past his battle days, he served fried apple pies at almost every White House event he hosted.
And while the pies at Divine Pies aren’t quite as artery-clogging as the fried versions Jackson preferred (with the bullet, his heart had a lot of problems to deal with), they are some of the best pies many in Charlotte have ever had.  The pies at Divine Pies are made from scratch, homemade, and cheap enough to appeal to even the most extreme Populist in Jackson.  The shop doesn’t look like much from the outside, situated next to a handful of run-down pawn shops.  But on the inside, it’s filled to the brim with pies and a big grin from piemaster Agnes Mbiya.  It’s truly a diamond in the rough – just like Old Hickory.

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