Franklin D. Roosevelt

Let FDR take you to dinner in Charlotte:

Midnight Diner

When the Queen of England visited the U.S. for a White House visit, Roosevelt decided it was time for a cookout and served her the most decadent of American foods: hot dogs.  And we know he did so unsarcastically, because he didn’t go all the way and include a PBR and a ripped-sleeve shirt with the meal.  In fact, most of Mr. Roosevelt’s diet consisted of “hearty, typically American food,” and one of his favorite foods was as Southern as corned beef hash.  And, in true American fashion, much of his typical dinner consisted of breakfast food.
Luckily, Charlotte is in the South, and Charlotte knows how to do Southern Diner food right.   Enter: Midnight Diner.  They brag that their meat is ground and their fries cut right there in the restaurant, and they’ve become a local favorite because of it.  And any Great Depression-era American would appreciate their low prices and friendly service.  If you want Diner food fit to serve to the Queen of England, this is it.  And if you want to compete with Eleanor, FDR’s wife, you’ve gotta compete with her scrambled eggs.  Always on his dinner table, FDR once told Southern sympathizers that he “preferred scrambled eggs to ‘grilled millionaire’ for breakfast.”

Blue Restaurant and Bar

FDR may not have single-handedly repealed Prohibition, but he was definitely a force behind the legalization.  And we’re pretty sure it was all part of his quest to find the perfect dry martini, which he was always hunting for.  The Blue Restaurant and Bar has been known to take their martinis seriously, and their martini menu reads like the New Deal legislation, but with more drunk. (Well, maybe about the same amount.)
Blue also has regular live jazz nights, and while jazz might not be FDR’s very favorite music, it was definitely an important part of the era and he was known to enjoy it from time to time.  Its food is a bit classier than Roosevelt is used to, but he regularly visits it for a drink!
And if you want to grab some food with your drink, Blue’s chef is rather famous, and they are world-renown for their Mediterranean food.
Plus, it can’t hurt that blue is FDR’s favorite color.

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