Woodrow Wilson

Let Woodrow Wilson take you to dinner in Charlotte:

Elizabeth Creamery Ice Cream
Wilson didn’t eat much, and his loved ones were constantly worried about him because of it.  But, no matter how much you eat, you’ve gotta love ice cream, right?  That was certainly the case for Wilson.  Strawberry ice cream was his dessert of choice, and almost always present on the White House menu.

And since he was president during the Prohibition era, one can only suspect that he drowned his sorrows with tubs of the stuff every night after his break-up with the U.S. over the League of Nations.             
And he can drown all the sorrows he wants to at Elizabeth Creamery, a homemade ice cream shop in the heart of Charlotte that features Guiness-flavored ice cream among their many eclectic flavors.  I’m sorry, you say Elizabeth Creamery has BEER-FLAVORED ICE CREAM?!  That’s right – and from all reports, it’s delicious.  Hand it to a NASCAR powerhouse like Charlotte to figure out even better ways to sneak alcohol by the Feds.  And while this local gem offers such outlandish options as ginger-flavored and black walnut-flavored ice cream, they also do Wilson’s favorite excellently. So, come and drink – err, eat – your sorrows away, just like Wilson does every night, because this is ice cream worth gorging yourself on.

Chris’ Deli                                 
Although Wilson didn’t eat much food, he ate a lot of chicken salad.  In fact, much of his diet consisted of it, and it is overwhelmingly cited as his favorite food.  We can probably thank chicken salad for fueling Wilson through at least 12 of his 14 points, in addition to at least one “W” of WWI.  Wilson was a no-nonsense kind of guy, and Chris’ Deli is a no-nonsense kind of place.  Despite the deli’s rather hole-in-the-wall appearance and dimly lit, “well-used” (as one Yelp reviewer says) interior, locals rave about it – seriously, they go on and on. And, yes, their chicken salad (and egg salad, tuna salad, and all other sorts of salads) are phenomenal.  In fact, it’s often referred to as second only to some of the Jewish delis in New York, and far more friendly.  Wilson doesn’t like to take sides, but he takes several of them with his meal at Chris’ Deli.

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